Brand U Work in the Disruption Economy

Drive By Shooting Organization

What does a non-Brand U organization look like? Mort Meyerson, President of Perot Systems recently said, “the emphasis on profit-and-loss to the exclusion of other values was creating a culture of destructive contention. … For example, I listened to some of our senior leaders talk about how they handled people on teams who didn’t perform. I heard talk of ‘drive-by shootings’ to ‘take out nonperformers; then they would ‘drag the body around to make an example out of them.’”[i]

Would you want to work in a place like this? Well, of course you wouldn’t and that’s the point. Brand U’s don’t want to work in this type of organization. The best organizations hire and retain the best people. They also have a culture that induces the best participation, contribution, and inspiration.

[i] Meyerson, Mort, “Everything I Thought I Knew about Leadership is Wrong,” Fast Company, The Greatest Hits, Volume 1, p. 7.

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  1. August 14, 2016    

    Hiring and firing people willy nilly will foster absence of loyalty. People are not crazy. If you show them that you could discard them at will, they will contribute only in a “safe” way, which is usually the mediocre way. The result is an organisation of mediocrity.

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