Brand U Work in the Disruption Economy

Do I Want to Be a Manager?

Many fresh MBAs want to go into management thinking that’s the way to power, perks, and bucks. There are other ways to getting these, including being a highly paid Brand U individual contributor.

Two recent articles graced the front page of the Wall Street Journal on the wisdom of becoming a manager. Their challenging titles say it all: “Off the Ladder: Want to be a Manager? Many People Say No! Calling Job Miserable” and “Who’s the Boss? A Software Engineer Becomes a Manager, With Many Regrets.” A new ailment runs through organizations: management phobia. Many don’t want to be managers and existing managers want to jump off the track. The reasons vary. ‘I want freedom.’ ‘I don’t want to attend so many #@% meetings!’ ‘I want a life.’ ‘I want time with my kids.’

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