Brand U Work in the Disruption Economy

Taking Smart Risks

Remember, there are a number of ways to develop personal competencies and be successful. It’s more than brainpower. More psychologists and others say that IQ is only one and may be the least important characteristic of success.

Robert Sternberg, a Yale psychologist, believes that intelligence consists of three factors: 1. analytical skills ensure high standardized scores such as on IQ tests; 2. practical abilities or street smarts ensure that the Brand U can adapt to new circumstances; and 3. creative talent implies the ability to develop and innovate new products.[i] The keys to Brand U success become a matter of taking smart risks, thinking outside of the box, seeing opportunities around change, exploring alternatives, thinking non-linearly, and seeing new ways to solve problems?

[i] Sternberg, Robert, Thinking Styles as reported by Innerst, Carol, “How to Think in High Style,” Insight, February 23, 1998, p. 42.

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